Cremagliera in nylon per apricancello – Cremagliera nylon


Cremagliera in nylon – pezzo da 1 metro di cremagliera nylon per cancelli Gate Swing e Slide

Amplificatori di segnale video – AMPLI P


Coppia di amplificatori di segnale video con ingresso RJ45 – DESCRIZIONE DEL PRODOTTO Video Balun power – coppia di amplificatori con alimentazione. Amplificatori di segnale video, fino a 500 metri. Con ingresso RJ45, porta anche la corrente.


Apparato per Bonifica

DESCRIPTION SuperBroom is a portable, simple to use advanced Electronic Device Detector, also known as a Non-Linear Junction Detector (NLJD). Discriminating between electronic targets and innocent naturally occurring signals, SuperBroom is capable of detecting electronic devices whether they are a transmitting or hardwired, regardless if they are switched on or off. Price on request [request more details]   TECHNICAL DETAILS […]

Card – Card


Card compatibile con Fingerkey e Lettore Card – Card compatibile con Fingerkey e Lettore Card 0.8mm ID Card Dimensioni:86x54x0.8(+/-0.04)mmPeso:5.8g (+/-0.5)Frequenza di utilizzo: 125KHz.Materiale:PVC o PET

Telecomando apricancello Gate Slide e Swing – TELECOMANDO per Gate Slide-Swing


Telecomando gate slide e swing – Telecomando gate slide e swingfrequenza 433 Mhz4 Puo’santi con copertura

DIST LASER – Laser jammer and noise generator

Disturbatore Laser

DESCRIPTION DIST LASER is a smart noise generator which produces a white noise barrier controlled by embedded microprocessor and gives a permanent protection agains microphone and laser eavesdropping. Price on request [ask for details] Request more details   TECHNICAL DETAILS : Capacity: up to 100 piezoelements, 12 loudspeakers and their combinations Output power: 2 X 2 W/ 8 ohms, HP […]

TXV 1 WATT PRO – Professional video transmitter

Trasmettitore Video Professionale TXV 1 WATT PRO

DESCRIPTION High power video transmitter which can trasmit up to 15 km (open range), available with directional antenna. Price on request [ask for details] Request more details   TECHNICAL DETAILS : Output power: 1 W Range: 15 km in open space Size: 14 x 10 x 3, 5 cm Power Supply: power adapter 12 Volts  

TXV 100 mW – Video transmitter

Trasmettitore Video professionale TXV 100 MW

DESCRIPTION Very professional video transmitter with change frequency switching. Very sensitive audio signal Price on request [ask for details] Request more details   TECHNICAL DETAILS : Frequency: from 1150 to 1800 MHz Output Power: 100mW Range: 500 m in normal condition Dimensions: 147 x 98 36,5 mm Power Supply: battery or power adapter 12 Volts.  

TEL SPIO – Peephole hidden microcamera

Microcamera occultata nello spioncino

DESCRIPTION Peephole hidden microcamera in order to monitor what’s happening behind the door. With fisheye you can get a 110° view corner with high resolution. Available black and white or color. Price on request [ask for details] Request more details   TECHNICAL DETAILS : Microcamera: 1/3″ CCD Resolution: 420 tv lines Brightness: 0,05 lux Minimum door thickness: 30 mm Hole […]

REG DIG MINI 2 – Micro digital audio recorder

Micro registratore audio

DESCRIPTION Very small audio recorder with high sensitive microphone. Price: on request Request more details   TECHNICAL DETAILS : Size: 8 x 15 x 40 mm Weight: 6 g (without battery) Recording time: about 600 hours Audio compression: 4 levels Battery recording time: 60 hours Microphone range: 7-9 meters USB plug

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