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RFD 22 – Detector di microspie / radiofrequenze

1.400,00 1.150,00 IVA Esclusa


RFD 22 is a highly sensitive wide-band radio frequency detector with large dynamic range and enormous fre- quency range.
RFD-22 functionality is optimized for professional detec- tion and localization of radio listening devices.
Current radio-electronics offers a number of eavesdrop- ping systems which cannot be detected before their operative activation. RDF 22 DETECTOR DI RADIOFREQUENZA supports both solutions: it can be used as a permanent detector to discover changes in the radio spectrum as well as a classical wide-band detector for operative sweeping.
The main advantage of RDF 22 DETECTOR DI RADIOFREQUENZA is a very simple and unambiguous usage which allows even a non-specialist to detect any active radio bug. High sensitivity, electronic stability and large frequency range allow detection of even the most dangerous eavesdropping systems like spread spectrum, digital RF systems, modified mobile phones, extremely high frequencies etc.
The RFD-22 front panel is optimized for usage by non-specialists, since it contains only a few most important adjusting elements. If the user is following a suggested procedure, it is almost impossible not to detect a bug due to a wrong adjustment of the device.
In the MEASURE mode the LED displays instant level of the radio field and the Geiger click indication makes the hidden bug localization easier. The earphone audio output allows acoustic separation of broadcast, TV or other legal transmissions from a bug signal.
The PROTECT mode is designed for permanent protection and for detection of digital pulse devices. Even the shortest radio pulse is displayed, indicated by a warning beep and its peak level is written to the peak signal memory.